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A Wearable Mobility Tool for the Blind

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Empowering Those Living with Vision Loss

iMerciv is dedicated to improving the confidence, the independence and the overall quality of life for those living with vision loss.

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About the BuzzClip


The BuzzClip is a small and discreet wearable for people living with blindness or partial sight. The device uses ultrasound to detect obstacles that may lie directly in one's path. It then notifies the user of these obstacles through intuitive vibrations, allowing the user to safely navigate around any objects that they may encounter. The BuzzClip offers essential head level obstacle detection and can be easily held or attached to many forms of clothing, making it a highly versatile and useful device.

All aspects of the BuzzClip from its design to its functionality have been created with our customers in mind. It is an extremely practical mobility tool that can reduce fears of travelling as it provides a reliable way to inform a user of their immediate surroundings and prevent collisions.

We’ve put a new spin on existing ultrasound technology and we believe that the BuzzClip can dramatically change the lives of people living with blindness or severe vision loss all across the world.

How it works


Why use a BuzzClip?

The BuzzClip is a complementary product to the cane and can also be used on its own for those with partial sight looking for a subtle solution. Its versatility allows our customers to creatively use the device for their specific vision needs. Utilizing a device like the BuzzClip can greatly improve day‑to‑day life for a person living with blindness or severe vision loss by:

  • Reducing Accidents & Irritable Injuries
  • Improving Independence & Confidence
  • Quickening Rehabilitation & Training
  • Reducing Care & Rehabilitation Costs
  • Providing a Hands-Free Solution
  • Reducing Fear of Mobility